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Network is Here

Plug into a network of fellow business professionals in the metro area. Discover opportunities with other member firms. Showcase your firm’s products and services. Connect with like-minded people in similar positions with similar experiences.

Benefits of Membership

Executive Women International® addresses the professional woman's quest for personal achievement and drive for professional development. EWI is unique among the myriad women's associations in that the company, not the individual, holds the membership.  EWI® offers many benefits to both the representative and the company.  From Alberta to Atlanta, women who participate in EWI have access to a variety of events and programs, and their companies benefit through the professional connections and the recognition as business leaders in their communities.

Benefits to the Company

Enjoy access to an international business base, discover new opportunities with other members and increase local and international contacts. Chapter and corporate activities offer continuous events to showcase your firm's products and services.

Increased business relationships through member firm contacts and access to CONNECT, a monthly newsletter, and an International Directory (a listing of thousands of decision makers)
Recognition as a business leader through news coverage, trade shows and community involvement
Awareness of cutting-edge business and civic issues through EWI programs
Opportunity to provide quality professional development for promising employee(s)

Benefits to the Individual

Develop and utilize personal talents, learn business skills through hands-on EWI programs and become involved in local philanthropic activities.

Cultivate personal and professional development through conferences, seminars and an extensive network of contacts
Gain leadership skills through training programs and service on committees and boards
Earn Continuing Education Units
Become involved in community, scholarship and philanthropy projects at the grass roots level
To find out more about joining, please contact our membership director at
Find Your Thrive with EWI

EWI of Tulsa offers professional women a unique opportunity to build upon your talents and skills while you discover new ones. And when you become a part of the EWI network you surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people who enthusiastically help you realize your goals. Have a positive effect on your company, your career and your community—come thrive with EWI.